"Wow...this course is excellent...nothing hard about it and is exactly as website states.Donna and Howard are lovely and very welcoming....if you are just starting out with tattooing then this course is for you....nothing more to say other than excellent training.......jane

"Excellent couple, excellent course, aftercare is fantastic. I would highly recommend to anyone thankyou." Su

“ I was a little sceptical when I went but nothing could prepare me it was FANTASTIC!!! The teaching-speechless, the lunch-super, overall I would recommend anyone to go it was well worth it. Thanks guys x Cheryl.

“Got my own studio in London, what else can I say? I’m as happy as a dog with 2 cocks. Thanks Donna, you changed my life”. Johnno.

“Tried loads of studios for apprenticeships, no chance and met some real rude & offensive bastards. This course is the best thing I’ve ever done, and Donna is the best teacher. The price is right and every stage is easy to grasp. Should have come here first and saved me shoe leather! “. MagWitch.

“Aftercare follow up is shit hot. You can phone 10 times a week for advice if you need to, always friendly, helpful and welcoming. I’m making good money at last “. Syn.

“Did the course, practised on myself then friends, not a single f_ _ k up, work still improving, people queuing up, thanks Donna, best f _ _ _ _ ng course I’ve ever done”. Masher.

“They don’t make extravagant claims about turning you into an artist in 2 days. The website doesn’t give bullshit – it does what it says on the tin! I couldn’t be happier”. Megan.

“The price is spot on, they don’t try to sell you equipment, there are no hidden charges, the free lunch is excellent and the teaching second to none”. Alana.

“Checked other course, they wanted silly money. This course was within my reach and I couldn’t have wanted better instruction. Dream come true”. Chrissie.