The Reality

ABOUT YOU: You’ve just about given up hope of getting into tattooing. Apprenticeships are undoubtedly the best way to go but they are AS RARE AS ROCKING HORSE SHIT and DON’T EXIST. If you find one, give a prayer of thanks to your God. Then be prepared to give up 2 or 3 years of your life with little or no pay, or in some cases an unscrupulous studio owner will actually take money from YOU…..and I’m not kidding!

ABOUT ME: I hold an Adult Teaching Degree from Sunderland University (Cert Ed) and am assisted by my husband who has 45 years’ experience in the industry.

Body Art is experiencing a huge increase in popularity, and there are many areas where you could open a viable studio. You will hear some established artists saying the trade is ‘swamped’. This is total rubbish based on greed and fear of competition, and is disproved by the many adverts appearing in Tattoo Magazines looking for Artists to work in Studios that can’t cope with current demand.

You will meet opposition as you try to enter the trade; this is usually based on greed. Artists rabbit on about getting an Apprenticeship when they know full well there aren’t any. And truth be known, most of the top artists are self taught and started off in their homes, but the bullshitters won’t tell you that!

You wouldn’t buy an aeroplane without having some lessons, so why buy a tattoo ‘kit’ before you’ve had some lessons. Without any other means of entry into the trade it’s the responsible thing to do.

Make no mistake, I’m not making any extravagant claims that you will leave here after 2 days as a TATTOOIST or as a TATTOO ARTIST. There are NO shortcuts to achieving this status. Once you have the basics, you will only become proficient if you


You do not need to be a natural artist, but it certainly helps if you are, and all your spare time should be spent improving your drawing skills.

On completion of the course you will have the technical and mechanical knowledge to complete a SMALL SIMPLE tattoo. The next stage is to find flesh to practice on, or to practice on yourself. There is no escaping this, we all had to do it and there is no way around it. There is only so much you can do with practice skin.

Basic tattooing is not difficult. If you can follow a line then you can do a tattoo outline. If you can colour in a design on paper using small circles, then you are part way to being able to put colour into a tattoo. It wont be perfect but that’s where the practice comes in.

When and only when you are proficient in these 2 skills will you be on your way to becoming a tattooist. You will only be able to add ‘Artist’ to your title when you have had a lot more practice on flesh and you are up to a good commercial standard.


It takes hard work, dedication, a love of art, a desire to continually improve and respect for your customers. My course simply provides the basic knowledge to enable you to make a start. On completion of the course EVERY student receives a certificate of attendance.